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HonorCore Industries is an international corporation specializing in the manufacturing and distribution of Magazine Fed Paintball Markers, Law Enforcement & Military Training Solutions,  Less-Lethal Systems, Milsim Equipment, Tactical Gear and Accessories. It was founded with unification of the top milsim companies in the world that pioneered and led the magazine-fed paintball movement, namely TACTMARK, MILSIG, MAXTACT,  and SCARAB ARMS, best known for our TGR2 and TGR1 platforms, and our revolutionary and ultra reliable magazine system. Our patented magazine design is the best in the industry and is designed to work with our TGR platforms and reliably load paintballs, rubberballs, powderballs and fin-stabilized rounds. In 2013, the HonorCore Training Division – Urban Tactics was established, specializing in Krav Maga, Self-Defence, Firearms Safety and Advanced Firearms Training for Civilians, Security Personnel and LE/Military. For more information Read More…


Avg. Shots / 13ci HPA Tank

The latest generation TGR2 MK2 Internal System has been upgraded and fine-tuned to perfection, offering unsurpassed Performance, Reliability, Consistency and Efficiency in a Ultra Rugged Modular System. Read More…


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HonorCore Industries is pleased to announce the creation and launch of its brand new Dealer Demo Program; furthering our company’s commitment to help spread the Mag-Fed Revolution and the fun/affordable experience that follows to dealers and players across the country and around the world. Wholesale Executive At HonorCore Industries, Jimmy Martin, said ”Since I joined the HonorCore Industries Team in May I have been working hard on behalf of our Dealers, Distributors, and Mag-Fed Players around the world to create new cost effective programs that promote interaction between all parties involved in the Paintball ecosystem from manufacturer to dealer to player, with a focus on how to attract new players from inside and most importantly outside our current player base.” Putting our markers in the hands of players and dealers worldwide was a no-brainer idea as I receive requests daily from Players Promoters and Dealers looking to give our product and most importantly Mag-Fed itself a try. The problem was getting hands on while maintaining my ability to work hard on our partners behalf: With this program and the others that follow I look to spread the captivating experience that our Markers, Mag-Fed, and Paintball itself provides to all parties looking to “Change Their Game” around the world. To Register for the Dealer Demo Program, Click Here and fill out the Application Form. FOR SALES AND GENERAL INFORMATION Please call HonorCore Industries at 1-604-278-6564 or Email: NEW DEALERS & DISTRIBUTORS Please Visit to Enroll EXISTING DEALERS Email Our Wholesale Executive Jimmy: to sign up... read more


HONORCORE INDUSTRIES LAUNCHES 24/7 ONLINE ORDERING FOR DEALERS HonorCore Industries is pleased to announce the launch of its brand new Online Dealer Ordering System, reinforcing the company’s desire to better serve the schedules and needs of the individual dealers and their respective businesses when it comes to convenience and scheduling. HonorCore Industries state-of the-art website offers an improved design, user-friendly layout, product information and pricing. The complete HonorCore Marker and Accessories line can be viewed and ordered, instantly 24/7 for the ultimate in convenience. CEO of HonorCore Industries, Jacky Chan, said “We have worked long and hard to expand our Distribution Network across the world which presents certain limitations due to the difference in time-zones on the international scale. The decision to create a convenient online ordering system and make it available to our dealers was only natural as we look to make the most of their valuable time”. “They will now have the ability to review their account status and check inventory levels according to their schedule 24 hours a day – 7 days a week”. FOR SALES INFORMATION AND GENERAL INQUIRIES Please call HonorCore Industries at 1-604-278-6564 or Email: FOR DEALERS AND WHOLESALE CLIENTS Email Our Wholesale Executive Jimmy: to get your Online Account Setup. Visit the all new HonorCore Store for Dealers and Retail Customers Now... read more


2015 HONORCORE ACCESSORIES HONORCORE TGR36 RAS SERIES HONORCORE TGR36 SERIES HONORCORE TGR2 MK2 RONIN HONORCORE TGR2 MK2 HONORCORE 18 ROUND MAGAZINE HONORCORE 5068 PROJECT HONORCORE JULY 2014 PRESS RELEASE HONORCORE INTERNATIONAL PARTNERS 2015 HONORCORE POSTER COMPLETE HONORCORE 2014 SUMMER PRESS RELEASE July 21th, 2014 JOIN THE HONORCORE REVOLUTION Precision – Performance – Passion We have listened to your suggestions and needs and it has been our mission to fulfil these desires as a team and corporation.  It has only been 6 months since the official inception of HONORCORE INDUSTRIES and we are excited to share and announce that we have achieved great success and rapid growth in our innovations, productions and partnerships around the globe.   We have experienced huge support from our fans, teams , new players, dealers and distributors and have exceeded our own expectations and forecasts on all levels thanks to all of you who believed and rode along side with us. In these short 6 months we have covered amazing ground and established many strong partnerships and alliances with some of the biggest and most influential paintball corporations in the world, such as Valken, RAP4, PBL, Primelink, Blades and Triggers, MagFedUK, Operation MILSIM and Paintball Shop Hannover just to name a few! We have also set up our HONORCORE EAST operation headed by HONORCORE Director – Steven Ratte to service the Canadian east coast dealer network and player base strategically to better the increasing demands in our brand and products.  We have invested heavily into the HonorCore Industries factory warrantee support and customer service effectively creating new high standards in the industry. (THE INTERNATIONAL MAP with... read more


PRESS RELEASE June 1, 2014 HONORCORE INDUSTRIES AQUIRE SCARAB ARMS Effective June 1, 2014, HonorCore Industries will be officially taking over all product sales, servicing and marketing for Scarab Arms LLC in the US and Canadian market. While the Scarab Arms site will still be operational, all sales and service will be handled by HonorCore directly. We thank Scarab Arms for all its hard work in promotion, sales and service but feel as a whole we hope that this merger will provide even better service for our customers and dealers. HonorCore will honor all Manufacturer’s Warranty for products purchased from Scarab Arms and we will continue to provide the best sales and service for the US and Canadian market. We will be working very closely with our dealers and partners to establish a robust network of sales and service centers to support our customers in the US and Canada. We will also be responsible for servicing all existing dealers and distributors of Scarab Arms. If you are a dealer or distributor of Scarab Arms, please email us at so we can re-establish your dealer account and send you our latest wholesale pricelist. Sales & Service: Public Relations: Dealer Wholesale Inquiries: Warranty Registration & Claims: For all other inquiries please go to Thank you for your continued support of Scarab Arms and HonorCore, we look forward to a great 2014 paintball season. HonorCore Industries #135 – 11780 River Road Richmond, BC Canada V6X 1Z7 Tel:... read more


Vancouver, BC – HonorCore Industries is very pleased to announce the hiring of Jimmy Martin as Wholesale ,Customer Service and Sponsorship Coordinator for the 2014 season. Brought to HonorCore Industries with the specific task of helping create the most versatile Customer and Dealer support system Mag Fed Paintball has ever seen, Jimmy and the HonorCore team are close to the release of HonorCore Industries New 2014 Sponsorship program along with a multitude of innovative contests and promotions designed to enhance customer service experience for players and dealers alike. “Paintball captured both my brain and my heart after a single birthday party outing at a local field in 2001, instantly becoming both an obsession and a centerpiece within my life. I have been working and playing within the Industry since 2006 landing my first Job at the age of 14, and never looking back .As a Kid I spent hours surfing sites such as PBNation,McarterBrown,Warpig,BacciPaintball , Automag when I wasn’t hanging out at my local field/ store in a bid to understand the technology and people behind some of the most innovative and popular products on the market that had captured my attention. This passion for knowledge has not faded with maturity as I have spent countless hours as both a Retailer in charge of introducing new players to the Sport and as a player looking to gain an edge on the field, observing and absorbing the interactions between player, product and industry itself in hopes of better serving my fellow player. Progressing from recreational to competitive player, playing  ,practicing and competing alongside some of Canada’s best talent in... read more


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