HonorCore Industries Corp.

To bring innovation, effectiveness and superior advantage to paintball enthusiasts and military/law enforcement training personnel around the world.

HonorCore Industries Corp. is the world’s leading innovator and manufacturer of magazine fed paintball markers, military/law enforcement training weapons, munitions, equipment and accessories. It was founded with the amalgamation and acquisitions of the top paintball brands and companies in the world that pioneered and led the magazine-fed paintball movement, namely TACTMARK, MILSIG, MAXTACT, and SCARAB ARMS, best known for our K-Series, M-Series, Marksman Barrel System, HEATCORE, TGR1, TGR2, and our reliable and revolutionary multi-functional paintball magazines allowing loading of paintballs, rubberballs, powderballs and fin-stabilized rounds.

With over 20 years of combined history and experience of designing, manufacturing and selling of innovative paintball products, our goal is to bring innovation, effectiveness and superior advantage to paintball enthusiasts and military/law enforcement training personnel around the world.

Life-long friends Stanley Lam and Jacky Chan have been in business since the 2007 financial crises. They have always been airsoft, paintball, tactical equipment enthusiasts growing up and decided to create something of their own, a company and brand that would supply the best military simulation and training products in the world. The Military Special Interest Group “MILSIG” was brought to life.

At first, when MILSIG PAINTBALL CANADA LTD. was incorporated in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, its operation started in Stanley’s home basement as a hobby and side business. Actively marketing the MILSIG brand and MILSIG products at local paintball fields and events, selling door to door at paintball and military surplus stores while working with Taiwanese factory Han-Ma Enterprises achieving their first year’s gross revenue of $30,000.

In 2009, both Stanley and Jacky decided to take a serious shot at the business as a full-time venture, leasing their first office and registering the trademark formally. With Stanley being a Computer Science major at Simon Fraser University and Jacky being an Economics Geography graduate from the University of British Columbia and former Sales Executive and Account Manager at TNT International Logistics and the Yellow Pages Group, they launched the first and official WWW.MILSIG.CA corporate website, MILSIG ONLINE STORE and MILSIG INDUSTRIES Facebook Fan Page. At the same time they hired the company’s first employee/manager (now shareholding partner) Edmond Fu, managing the company’s operations and collectively increased the revenue by 10 folds by the end of 2009.

With the launch of revolutionary and unique magazine-fed paintball products, the hosting of the 1st North American Limited Paint Conference in their home town, coupled with the exposure and success from the 2009 Paintball Extravaganza industry-only tradeshow, together with tremendous sales efforts and dedicated customer service, revenue had reached over a million dollars in 2010 and the company and brand became a magazine-fed sensation in the paintball industry with fans and dealers/distributors growing around the globe rapidly.

In 2011, MILSIG expanded to a new waterfront location with its own warehouse and within 6 months doubled its size occupying the adjacent mirror-unit and started its retail department. In the same year, Stanley and Jacky were recognized by the Richmond Chamber of Commerce – TD Business Excellence Award as the Young Entrepreneurs of the Year Top 3 Finalists.
In 2012, with the joining of shareholding partner Felix Lai, MILSIG CANADA was recognized by the National Canada Post E-Commerce Innovations Awards as one of top 3 national finalists as MILSIG prepared for the opening of its first ever MILSIG ARMAMENT brick and mortar retail store providing a complete tactical equipment solution to fans and enthusiasts.

In early 2013, relationship between MILSIG and Han-Ma was falling apart due to major and constant factory production defects, delays, warrantee, and safety issues along with operational disagreements and trademark rights infringements, MILSIG CANADA decided to part ways from its long-term manufacturing partner and was in search for new manufacturing for its products. In the last quarter of 2013, MILISG CANADA united with veteran paintball and military training equipment designer, manufacturer, instructor and contractor James Chan, Rex Ho, and Steven Ratte of MAXTACT INTERNATIONAL and Rami Zuzu of SCARAB ARMS, found solutions to set up its in-house manufacturing and new branding named HONORCORE.

In 2014, HONORCORE INDUSTRIES CORP. was formed with the merger and acquisition of the said companies and brands with the same believes, goals, values and trust! HONORCORE will release three new models of the R36, R36C, and R36K paintball rifles, pioneer a SMG Close Quarter Combat weapon, and the first ever magazine fed Bullpup Rifle – Project BR1 in the history of paintball. An abundance of ground breaking and highly anticipated products for the paintball and magfed community that everyone has been wishing and hoping for would also follow!! Bringing innovation, effectiveness and superior advantage to our fans, enthusiasts, and training personnel around the world!

– Founding of MILSIG PAINTBALL CANADA LTD. and 1st use of MILSIG Trademark

2008 – Official MILSIG Corporate website and online store WWW.MILSIG.CA

2009 – Official filing of the MILSIG Trademark
– First International Limited Paint Conference held by MILSIG CANADA in Vancouver HQ
– MILSIG CANADA attends PAINTBALL EXTRAVAGANZA 2009 for the 1st time
– Showcasing K-Series and M-Series Magazine Fed Paintball Markers

2010 – MILSIG CANADA attends PBE2010


2012 – MILSIG CANADA attends PBE2012

2013 – MILSIG PAINTBALL CANADA ending its business relationship with its ex-manufacturing partner Han-Ma Enterprises due to major production quality, warrantee, safety and fulfillment issues along with direct factory selling to MILSIG CANADA’s existing customers with numerous trademark rights violations

– HonorCore Industries Corp. attends PBE2014
– Release of TGR36C, TGR36E, TGR36K, TGR2-M2, M18, BR1-Bullpup Project (1st Bullpup Paintball Marker in the world)