July 21th, 2014

Precision – Performance – Passion

We have listened to your suggestions and needs and it has been our mission to fulfil these desires as a team and corporation.  It has only been 6 months since the official inception of HONORCORE INDUSTRIES and we are excited to share and announce that we have achieved great success and rapid growth in our innovations, productions and partnerships around the globe.   We have experienced huge support from our fans, teams , new players, dealers and distributors and have exceeded our own expectations and forecasts on all levels thanks to all of you who believed and rode along side with us.

In these short 6 months we have covered amazing ground and established many strong partnerships and alliances with some of the biggest and most influential paintball corporations in the world, such as Valken, RAP4, PBL, Primelink, Blades and Triggers, MagFedUK, Operation MILSIM and Paintball Shop Hannover just to name a few!

We have also set up our HONORCORE EAST operation headed by HONORCORE Director – Steven Ratte to service the Canadian east coast dealer network and player base strategically to better the increasing demands in our brand and products.  We have invested heavily into the HonorCore Industries factory warrantee support and customer service effectively creating new high standards in the industry.

(THE INTERNATIONAL MAP with Dealers and Distributors and name it *THE HONORCORE MATRIX*)

As paintball fields are filling up with an increasing abundance of HONORCORE TGR markers and avid players choosing HONORCORE MAGs over other competition, we continue to put out our heart and sweat in bringing new, innovative and high-performance products to paintball and law enforcement training around the world.

Utilising precision manufacturing with only the best and highest quality materials such as single block CNC machined T6 6061 aircraft aluminum receivers and internals and Real-Steel ultra high strength nylon fibre polymer lower receivers with reinforced steel fixtures, HONORCORE INDUSTRIES have created the most rugged, most reliable, most air efficient, most modular, and easiest to maintain MagFed marker platform on the planet.  The TGR2 platform continues to hold the throne as being the most air-efficient magfed marker, capable of firing 190+ shots on a single fill of a 13CI HPA tank.  And everything just got even BETTER!

The HONORCORE 2015 Product Line is here and packs a strong punch! On top of the popular Flagship TGR2 MK2 marker, we have released 7 new models in 6 short months including our newest additions of the TGR1 AIR-IN Stock models, the TGR2 RONIN, and the all new TGR36 Series with the TGR36C, TGR36C RAS, TGR36K RAS, and the TGR36E RAS Sniper that are all shipping in August!  Conversion kits of complete upper receivers and our “Full Metal Jackets” would be available for purchase for HONORCORE owners to modify and change between all of our different models and styles within seconds, solidifying the TGR platform as the most modular and versatile marker to date.

The HONORCORE Accessories Line now includes high quality aluminum mock suppressors with extended barrels increasing distance, accuracy and stability, Air-Thru Buffer Tube and Delta Ring Adapter allowing modification with Real-Steel gun stocks and handguards; 45 degree scope and sight mounts for effective aiming with paintball masks; and an extensive line up of Rail systems from every model, all contributing to our corporate values of providing Precision, Performance and Passion.

HONORCORE INDUSTRIES has continued to develop the BR1 Bullpup and M18 SMG projects along with many other top secret products we will be releasing strategically throughout the following year to continue fueling the paintball and magfed community with positive surprises and excitement!

The newest HONORCORE Innovation is the 5068 Project, a revolutionary sniper round that is designed to achieve the longest distance, best accuracy, maximum safety, and the greatest affordability.  Stay tuned for more press release info to come!

(Picture of the rounds and the CAD graphics)

Our corporation and staff members eagerly and sincerely invite all of you to be a part of the HONORCORE Revolution, with player insights and suggestions, dealers and distributors support and marketing, military and law enforcement requirements, coupled with our innovations and production capabilities, together we will create the ultimate products and experience in the industry!

We look forward to working hand in hand with all of you and achieve the highest results and success for the time to come!  We are HONORCORE INDUSTRIES and we are Precision – Performance & Passion.

Jacky Chan
Co-Founder & CEO



Introducing the TGR36 Series, the latest evolution of the flagship TGR2 MK2 platform, one of the most air-efficient magfed markers in the world (170+ rounds w/ 13ci Tank@3000psi), fastest tooless take down (30sec), super easy to maintain (4 orings without any screws). With 3 different models to choose from (TGR36C, E, & K), the TGR36 Series has effectively expanded the selection and customization of the TGR2 platform to another level. We welcome any feedback, comments and suggestions on this product so please submit your feedback by filling out the TGR36 Inquiry Form. For more info please check out the TGR36 page.




The BR1 Bullpup Project was started with the goal of creating the world’s first bullpup paintball marker. The basic concept of the bullpup design was first introduced in 1957, by having the action of the weapon located behind the trigger, designers are able to decrease the overall length and weight of a rifle while retaining the same barrel length. The result of this design is a rifle that is lighter and more compact without sacrificing range and accuracy. We haver several designs in the works and would appreciate any feedback, comments or suggestions. For more info check the BR1 Bullpup Project page.