Devils Legioncanada

We stand out at games but yet blend in so well. We are mercenaries and use no uniform. From Sappers to snipers, and gunners to recon.  Our team can adapt and overcome any challenge thrown our way.

No mission too tough, or objective too well guarded. Devils Legion can take on the tasks no other team will. We are “true to life” military simulation paintball.  Our members play mag-fed only no matter where they travel, and promote mag-fed paintball.

We are a tight group of hard core MilSim members. Many of our members were around at the start of the first and only organized milsim paintball club in Manitoba back in 2006. Our goals are simple and have always been upheld: Safe, fair and fun paintball for anyone interested. Our members teach and mentor new members no matter their experience level.

We are based in Winnipeg, Manitoba and are members of Manitoba Milsim, a local MilSim paintball league.

Our mission statement is simple;

Play hard, play fair and play safe. Teamwork and good sportsmanship are our core values.

MilSim Leads the Way.

Team Roster

IC/Liaison/ Sniper/ Recon-   Major Ghost

2IC/ Sapper/ Recon-   Sgt. Major Sleeper

Sapper/ Medium rifle-   Sergeant Beretta

Medium rifle-   Master Corporal Bulldog

SAW operator-   Master Corporal Wedge

Fast attack squad leader/ Medic-   Sergeant Crow

Fast attack-   Master Corporal Wolf

Medium rifle-   Master Corporal Chapel

Fast attack-   Master Corporal Gordy

Heavy gunner/ Fast attack-   Master Cpl. Space Lord

Fast attack-   Corporal Smoke

Medium rifle- Corporal Apollo

Support/ light rifle- Private PARK

Support/ light rifle-   Corporal Fused

Heavy gunner-   Corporal Frost

Heavy gunner-   Corporal Jager 1

Sniper-   Master Corporal Strelok

Sniper-   Corporal Wraith

Medium rifle- Private Neo

Gunner- Private Spartan

Private- Hitman

Support- Private Chuck

Light rifle- Private Tiki

Medium rifle- Private Phoenix


The Devil’s Legion …

We are not the good guys … We are not the bad guys…

We are the one’s that get the job done when no one else can.

We are mercenaries for hire; everything has its price.

Call us the “Devil’s Legion”

We leave no one behind, we leave no one left standing.