Firearms Safety & Licensing

Canadian Firearms Safety Course (PAL)

If you are in Canada and want to own and operate a firearm, you are required to get your PAL (possession and Acquisition Licence). This is a LEGAL requirement in Canada if you wish to purchase and own firearms and you are also required to have your PAL should you wish participate in live fire training with Urban Tactics. Urban Tactics Krav Maga is please to be able to offer this course at our facilities in Richmond at least once monthly.

In order to maintain quality instruction we maintain class sizes to a maximum of 8 people. The course is a two day course that covers safe firearms handling and use.

You will learn ACTS:

Assume every firearm is loaded
Control the muzzle direction at all times
Trigger finger must be kept off the trigger and out of the trigger guard
See that the firearm is unloaded – PROVE it SAFE

You will Learn PROVE:

Point the firearm in the safest available direction
Remove all cartridges
Observe the chamber
Verify the feeding path
Examine the bore

You will also learn how operate and safely perform these safety checks on:
– Bolt action rifles
– Lever action rifles
– Break action long guns
– Semi automatic long guns
– Pump Action Long guns
– Single/double action revolver
– Single/double action semi automatic pistols

Other topics include:
– Firearms history
– Ammunition
– Firearms Laws
– Transporting Firearms
– Safe shooting distances
– Range etiquette (Practiced using our indoor Airsoft Range)
– Shooting positions
– What NOT to do
and much more…

For more information or to book a spot: