Firearms Training

Tactical Firearms Training for Civilians, LE & Military

When it comes to firearms training, we believe in “Safety through education”.

Educated and competent firearms users is the prefered method for preventing accidents with guns that may result in injury or fatality. Because of this in order to be trained by us you must already have your PAL.

This insures that:

  1. You have proven that you competently can make a gun safe
  2. You have gone through and RCMP background check

There are no exceptions!

Our instructors all come from military backgrounds and have extensive firearms backgrounds.The Israeli Defense Forces, Canadian Forces, Royal Marines are some of the represented armies. This means that our instructors have experience in both military and civilian firearms training, competitions and courses.

We offer:

– Live Fire Rifle courses
– Live Fire Shotgun courses
– Airsoft Israeli Tactical Pistol Courses
– Private Firearms training

All our courses will teach you:
– Safe gun handling and shooting
– Basic Grips
– Basic Shooting Stances
– Loading and Reloading
– How to handle Malfunctions
– Transitions
– Accuracy
– Close and distance shooting
– Ammunition options and much more…

For More information:


Classes require a minimum of 2 people to a maximum of 6. Classes can be booked privately or will be held periodically.

If you wish to use your own gun and ammo please confirm with us if it is ok first – It MUST be a non-restricted gun for our courses currently unless you privately book range time and pay our instructors entry fees.