Vancouver, BC – HonorCore Industries is very pleased to announce the hiring of Jimmy Martin as Wholesale ,Customer Service and Sponsorship Coordinator for the 2014 season. Brought to HonorCore Industries with the specific task of helping create the most versatile Customer and Dealer support system Mag Fed Paintball has ever seen, Jimmy and the HonorCore team are close to the release of HonorCore Industries New 2014 Sponsorship program along with a multitude of innovative contests and promotions designed to enhance customer service experience for players and dealers alike.

“Paintball captured both my brain and my heart after a single birthday party outing at a local field in 2001, instantly becoming both an obsession and a centerpiece within my life. I have been working and playing within the Industry since 2006 landing my first Job at the age of 14, and never looking back .As a Kid I spent hours surfing sites such as PBNation,McarterBrown,Warpig,BacciPaintball , Automag Owners.org when I wasn’t hanging out at my local field/ store in a bid to understand the technology and people behind some of the most innovative and popular products on the market that had captured my attention. This passion for knowledge has not faded with maturity as I have spent countless hours as both a Retailer in charge of introducing new players to the Sport and as a player looking to gain an edge on the field, observing and absorbing the interactions between player, product and industry itself in hopes of better serving my fellow player. Progressing from recreational to competitive player, playing  ,practicing and competing alongside some of Canada’s best talent in the CPPL ,VPL  and UPL I have a firm understanding that  sustainable growth  and in turn success for the player ,retailer ,and industry as a whole will only come with effective, dedicated service and support backing every player and their product of choice. Joining the HonorCore team to serve both Players and Dealers alike as part of an innovative and revolutionary company such as HonorCore Industries is a dream come true”

“We are very excited to have Jimmy join the core and we once again move forward in our level of dedication and customer service. With the product knowledge, industry experience, and enthusiasm that Jimmy brings to the table, we feel he will only elevate and enhance the product offerings and plans we have in-store for the 2014 season” said Jacky Chan – CEO of HonorCore Industries.

“HonorCore’s goal is to provide revolutionary and innovative products backed by second to none support and offerings, along with programs to help cultivate growth at the player and field level;this is the first step of many in our push to develop and support the paintball community.”said Stanley Lam, CTO & Co-Founder Of HonorCore Industries

HonorCore Industries has high hopes for both Jimmy and upcoming sponsorship program he has tabled and wants everyone to know that, “Yes, Jimmy remains fully committed to playing Paintball in all forms from scenarios to magfed and anything in between alongside regional competition in the VPL and UPL and nationally in the CPPL and beyond”. – Jacky Chan

HonorCore encourages anyone with questions,comments or congratulations to contact Jimmy at the contact information below:

Jimmy Martin – Wholesale, Sponsorship and Customer Support Executive