Krav Maga

Israeli Self-Defence System

The HonorCore Training Division in partnership with Urban Tactics is proud to offer one of the most comprehensive training programs in Krav Maga: Self Defense.

Krav Maga is a simple reality based hand to hand combat system (Self Defense system) developed in Israel by a man named Imi Lichtenfeld near the end of WWII. Since then it has become the official system used by the Israeli Defence forces, Israeli intelligence Agency (MASSAD) and any and all other internal agencies. It is also used by other organizations around the world such at the serbian SAJ and various american law enforcement agencies.

At Urban Tactics Krav Maga we have developed a Krav Maga program that will teach you everything from the fundamentals all the way up to firearms combat training. We also develop you mentally to fight hard, fight fast, fight intelligently and fight aggressively, which are all essential for survival.

We are the most qualified Krav Maga school in Metro Vancouver. Our instructors hold qualifications from IKMF, KMG, IKI, CT707-ISFKM and have trained with other organizations in the Krav Maga World.

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