TCS (France)france-sml

TCS is an elite milsim paintball team based out of Nantes, France. TCS stands for Tactical Camo Squad, it first started in 2006 as just a group of guys from Rennes and Nantes playing paintball together. After many games and meals together,  the group began to bond and everyone became good friends and started to become very tight as a grop. In 2008, they decided to create a Milsim team together and formed TCS.

The TCS team takes milsim seriously and every member follows the team dress code and are trained in military tactics, tactical scenarios and hand signals. However, they tolerate every type of player and also play with all the trends of paintball. The TCS team values and promotes open-mindedness, friendliness and good sportsmanship.

Gear Loadout

Chosen for its versatility and rarity at the time in our country, but also for its effectiveness. It was elected by the members unanimously and now we wear it at each games. An important point, all our equipment is in license CRYE.


  • Myji (Captain)
  • BC (Infantry)
  • Archonos (Medic)
  • Juju (Support)
  • Bebel (Demolition)
  • Cédric (Infantry)
  • Mickael (Medic)
  • La Pluche (Infantry)

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