Official HonorCore Teams

TCS (France)

What does it mean to be in TCS?

Simply, “Tactical Camo Squad”. We are a group of players who started to practice paintball in association in 2006.

In 2008 we decided to create a Milsim team and thanks to the many games, the same wavelength and TCS meals, we became a nice group of friends located between Rennes and Nantes in France.

For us the ideal design of paintball is the Milsim (dress code, sign & tactical progressions, …) and roleplay. However we tolerate every type of player and we play occasionally with all the trends of paintball. The team TCS don’t want to convey ideology excepted openness mind, friendliness and sportsmanship.

Our Emblem: The Hexagon

Don’t try to find ,we don’t know why we chose this type of emblem, probably because it looked good and the visual is a very important thing for us and especially for BC.

Our Clothing: Multicam

Chosen for its versatility and rarity at the time in our country, but also for its effectiveness. It was elected by the members unanimously and now we wear it at each games. An important point, all our equipment is in license CRYE.