Troubleshooting Guide

What do I do when I have a leak?

First follow the video link to identify the location of the leak.

If leaking from the nuts of the 13ci air tank, your safety burst disk blew. (photo)

Figure 2 4.5K PSI Burst Disk


Figure 3 1.8K PSI Burst Disk


Please replace the burst disk with appropriate rating disk from you local paintball stores. This is an over pressure safety feature not covered in warranty. Compatible with all standard 13ci tank manufacturer

If leaking from the AFT Air Plug in the Air Block.

  • Replace o-ring from accessory pack

If leaking sounds coming from the Barrel

  • Remove the main valve


Figure 4 Bottom of the Valve

  • Clean, re-lubricate and reinstall

Figure-5-top-of-the-Valve3 Figure-5-top-of-the-Valve2

If audible leaking from permanent brass plugs

  • Send the receiver back to us and we’ll replace it for you.


I damaged/lost the o-ring on the barrel.

Our barrel system do not require an o-ring to secure or seal to the TRG receiver therefore the barrel o-ring is not necessary. It’s only added to our product in case you wish to use our barrel on another marker platform.

Pushing the squeegee past the barrel and into the chamber will damage the ball detent spring. Use squeegee on the barrel only. We recommend you take out the barrel when cleaning with a squeegee to avoid accidental damage of the spring detents.

My Marker is leaking

If leaking sound is heard from the barrel, main bolt assembly, valve centering screw (bottom of upper receiver) then the Valve Seal is dirty or damaged.

  1. Take out the valve plunger (link)
  2. Clean off all grease, oil, debris from the plunder and valve body interface
  3. Push down on the plunger and rotate to ensure the interface is clear and seat again each other
  4. Reassemble the valve and marker.

If the leak persists, the o-ring seal might be damaged or dried out.

  1. Take out the entire valve assemble
  2. Clean the valve plunger and replace O-ring (Part#) if damage is seen
  3. Apply light silicon oil to the new o-rings before reinstalling the valve
  4. Assemble and air up to test.


Figure 1 Valve Assembly

Hammer Piston and Valve O-ring sizes are all the same 11 x 1.5 mm making the bore to be 14mm
90 ̊for the hammer piston
70 ̊for the valve body

O-ring sizes on the bolt are 14 x 1.78 mm bolt bore size is 17.5mm


Figure 2 valve centering screw

I am not getting the same amount of shots per 13ci tank as my friend.

Although everyone knows that the gas performance depends on three factors; Pressure, Volume and Temperature (PV=nRT ), not all tanks are regulated to the exact same output and performance. Unfortunately we (Honorcore & Maxtact) do not manufacturer air tanks and tank regulators. Our 13ci tanks are contracted out to scuba diving gear company who specialize in safety. The output performance may vary from tank to tank but they all meet or exceed the safety standard set by UN certification.

Try a different tank. If the performance does not change then try the marker troubleshooting guide in the manual and perform a cleaning maintenance on your marker. We are very proud of our product. So if it is a defect, bring it back for your warranty coverage.

I detect a bit of air leak from the brass plug in the receiver close to the chamber window.

It is rare but it did happen one out of the thousand we had sent out. Those brass air plugs are permanently sealed. However, the permanent loctite may have seeped into the o-ring and hardened it and as the o-ring and the plug shrinks due to extreme cold and temperature difference the o-ring could not be flexible to compensate for the difference in seal tolerance.
One DIY fix is to use a heat gun to soften and melt the o-ring back into shape. ATTENSION: remove all plastic parts before heating your marker up. Let it sit and cool down normally. Store the marker in room temperature to prevent further hardening of the o-rings.

If the DIY doesn’t work contact Honorcore for servicing. Do not attempt to remove the brass plug on your own as depicted in the picture below.


Figure 3 location of permanent brass plug


Figure 4 brass plug uses same o-rings as AFT Air Plug in air block, if you even get them out.

My Marker is burping, firing in full auto or not cycling properly.

1.Your marker may be over lubed or clogged up internally by paint dirt or other debris.

Disassemble, clean, dry, and apply very very thin lube to only o-ring areas. TGR do not like grease or heavy type of lubricant on its moving parts. Please apply light weight/low viscosity silicon lubrication to moving internals parts and only apply grease to non moving seals. Take care not to over lube when doing so.

2.Your propellant output pressure may be low (below 800 psi) or clogged up air filter due to dust dirt or sand

Clean or replace the brass air intake filter in the air block. The purpose of the brass air filter, like the filters in your car, is to prevent foreign matter and debris from damaging the internals of your marker. Usually you can tap out the trapped debris, however when wet dust and debri can build up and clog. This is especially worst with oil or grease for they do not evaporate and form a paste like clog when mixed with dust. If the filter cannot be cleaned out, you may remove it with a drill bit (turn and pull). Contact to order more replacement filters.