The HonorCore Warranty

What does HonorCore warranty cover?

Honorcore offers a 12 month Manufacturers Warranty Period on your Marker.
The Honorcore Marker is warranted to be free from all manufacturing and production defects including but are not limited to: Finish/Casting Issues ,Defective Materials and Or Seals.

Warranty coverage is dependent on successful completion and receipt by Honorcore of warranty registration one of two ways:

via Email:Warranty@Honorcore.com

via the Warranty Registration Form located at:www.honorcore.com/warranty/

Warranty Exemptions
Include, but are not limited to: accidental damage, wear and tear, labor charges ,unreasonable force, surface finish and perishable components such as o-rings, valves, screws at the discretion of Honorcore.

Instances of customer inflicted damage such as broken lower receiver frames, stripped threads and any affiliated broken parts will be dealt with on a case by case basis and as such may be subject to charges for parts and/or labor.

Why do I need to register my marker?

Warranty Coverage
HonorCore backs our customers product experience both on and off field with comprehensive technical and parts support .Purchasing our products makes you more than just a valued customer or fellow player ,we consider you part of the HonorCore family and wish to ensure you receive the utmost in quality customer support and service regardless of your location or experience.

The registration program assists us in speeding up product revisions and troubleshooting diagnostics giving Dealers and Distributors within our network a more accurate picture of the inventory required to provide optimal support within the many different regions and climates present in the sport of Paintball.

Part Updates and Revisions 
Registering your marker allows our Technical Support Department to maintain direct contact with you in case a revised part needs to be distributed if necessary.

With this program you have direct access to our technical support and design departments who look for feedback and suggestions when improving current product performance or designing new ones

Service History
Our system allows us to track marker ownership and in the case of theft prevent a stolen marker from receiving authorized service promised to you ,the original and rightful owner.

For this system to work effectively and allow for future expansion in capability players must be responsible and register their equipment

It has been over 2 weeks since I received my tracking number my package still hasn’t arrived yet.

Check tracking number’s details are correct and ensure the destination address is where you want the order to go to. If tracking said it has been delivered, we’ll contact the courier company to launch an investigation.

Why is my order held at customs?

It is your responsibility to know and understand the import laws of your country. Some countries have complete band on these products, while some are highly restrictive even with proper import papers. Please cooperate with your local government agency promptly and diligently before they redirect or destroy the shipment. Buyer is responsible for all import documents, import fees, tax and duties of their country. Any subsequence fees incurred will also be under the responsibility of purchasing party. We will do our best to accommodate your need during the ordering and packaging process.

The following are countries that are restricted:

  • China
  • Australia
If my marker has issues upon arrival what do I do?

Is the shipping packaging damaged?

If Yes: Take photos of the damage and contact the courier company to initiate the claim. Send a copy of the claim to HONORCORE to see what else we can do for you on top of the shipping insurance option you have chosen at checkout.

If No: Contact HONORCORE to initiate a problem ticket for return instructions.

All HONORCORE products are covered by 30 days complete replacement under the warranty. Whether is a gift for family and friends or present for yourself you have that many days to test and get familiar with the product. If anything fails, pack it up and return it for a replacement before you personalize it.

Purchased Directly from HONORCORE:  Submit your Invoice Number and Serial Number on your marker to SALES@HONORCORE.com along with a description of the issue and we’ll get you a replacement ASAP.

From local Dealer: Contact them with your purchase invoice and serial number on the marker along with a description of the issue and they will provide you with a replacement right away.

What do I need to register my marker for warranty coverage?

Via Our Warranty Registration Form on www.Honorcore.com.

Via Email:Warranty@Honorcore.com
Please include the following information
1.Serial number on the Marker
2.Name of the Store/Company the marker was purchased from
3.Order number and date of purchase from your invoice
4.Your contact and shipping information

What do I need to do to transfer my ownership to someone else?

Via Our:Warranty Request Form on www.Honorcore.com
Located at the bottom of the Support section

Via Email:Warranty@Honorcore.com
Inform us of the Transfer and we will update our Database